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Monarch Butterfly Website is an affiliate representative for each type of butterfly, insect and nature product you see listed here. We've spent hundreds of hours, searching the Internet for you. We've found the best vendors, with the best customer service, and compiled them for you here. We are confident you'll be pleased with any item you purchase from our affiliate websites.

Large Butterfly Displays Section  
Each frame contains REAL BUTTERFLIES. Some frames are black shadow-box style frames, and others have wood frames with glass in the front and back so you can see these amazing butterflys from all angles. Our butterflies are raised in "butterfly farms" which help to preserve valuable rainforest habitat by providing villagers an alternate income other than clearing virgin tropical rainforest. All real butterfly items come with a "Certificate of Authenticity" which explains the butterflys origins and how your purchase helped to save our rainforests.
8 Butterfly See-Thru Frame 9 Butterfly See-Thru Frame
12 Butterfly Flight See-Thru Frame 13 Butterfly Flight with Morpho See-Thru Frame
5 Butterfly Vertical Frame 7 Butterfly Vertical Frame
6 Butterfly Flight: Oak Frame 6 Butterflies in Rows: Oak Frame
Tiger Swallowtail Flight: Oak Frame Morpho & Tiger Flight: Oak Frame
9 Butterflies - Round Frame 5 Butterflies - Round Frame
Lady Bug Gift Section  
We have lady bug gifts including jewelry, decorations, fun home décor…well, just plain lady bug items & stuff! Our popular LIVE ladybug kit lets you raise ladybugs from little baby larvae. We have an excellent selection of lady bug houses for you to place in your garden to attract hungry pest-eating ladybugs.
Red Roof Ladybug House Ladybug Kits
Garden Lady bug House Purple Ladybug House
Blue Ladybug Houses Ladybug Life Cycle Figurines
Adult Ladybug Lantern Huge Ladybug Life Cycle Puzzle
Toad Houses Section 
Yes, Toad Houses really do work! OK, so not everyone finds toads beautiful. However, a single toad can eat about 110 beetles, ants, June bugs, grasshoppers, slugs, moths, sowbugs, armyworms and other bugs every day. That's around 3,300 every month! Toads are most active at night, so during the day they need a fairly dark, cool place to hide from the sun and predators. Encourage these bug-hungry hunters to have a nice long stay in your garden by providing these adorable toad houses. Place in a moist, shady area in your garden and before long you'll have a new neighbor.
Banana Leaf Toad House Grow-A-Frog Kits
Stained Toad House Frog Life Cycle Figurines
Green Toad House Huge Frog Life Cycle Puzzle
Garden Toad House Flower Pot Toad House
Ceramic Toad House
Live Exotic Plants Section
Grow bug-eating plants like Venus Fly Traps from seeds or get adult plants ready to eat bugs! If you choose seeds, watch as these fascinating plants grow from harmless seeds into bug-eating monsters right before your very eyes. Our Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant kits produce carnivorous plants that will flourish for years in the specially designed terrariums. Or try our cool Cactus Garden kit, Dinosaur Plant kit, Butterfly Flowers, and giant Jungle Greenhouse - fun and interesting gifts for kids or adults.
Mini Butterfly Bush Kit Venus Flytrap Bulb Kit
Sprout and Grow Window Kit Creepy Carnivorous Plants Kit
Butterfly Garden Seed Mixes Venus Fly Trap Kit - Large
Odd Pods Cactus Garden Pitcher Plant Kit - Large
Dinosaur Plant Sundew Savages Kit - Large
Grow Your Own LilyPad Moving 'Tickle Me' Plant
Lady Bug Rearing Kit Section
We offer 2 fun Live Lady bugs Kits! With our Lady bug Rearing kit, you can discover the metamorphosis of a real live ladybugs. Mail the certificate in the kit to receive your Pink Spotted ladybug larvae. The see-through domed habitat allows you to get a bug's eye view as you watch the small alligator-shaped larvae eat their special food and drink from "water bubbles." OR try the Adult Ladybug Kit - when you mail the coupon you get up to 100 adult ladybugs to watch - WOW! Be sure to check out our other Live Animal Kits.
Ladybug Kit Ladybug Life Cycle Figurines
Adult Ladybug Lantern Huge Ladybug Life Cycle Puzzle

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