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Monarch Butterfly Website is an affiliate representative for each type of butterfly, insect and nature product you see listed here. We've spent hundreds of hours, searching the Internet for you. We've found the best vendors, with the best customer service, and compiled them for you here. We are confident you'll be pleased with any item you purchase from our affiliate websites.

Wildlife Houses & Feeders Section 
We have homes for birds, bats, bees, ladybugs and even toads! Most of our houses are individually hand-painted, so slight variations in the painting occur and serve to enhance the originality of each piece. Our unusual designs are unique and will make a perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for gardener or nature lover in your life. Have fun with our wildlife houses and take delight in watching your interesting new neighbors enjoy their home. Also be sure to check out our Butterfly Houses & Feeders!
Garden Toad House Blue Ladybug House
Banana Leaf Toad House Red Roof Ladybug House
Stained Toad House Green Ladybug House
Green Toad House Bat House
Country Bird House Squirrel SeeSaw
Mason Bee House Throne Squirrel Feeders 
The Bird Condo Round Bird House
Ceramic Toad House Flower Pot Toad House
Medium Butterfly Displays Section 
Real Framed Butterfly displays! Each of our framed butterfly displays contains a REAL BUTTERFLY, glass front and hanger. Comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" which explains the mounted butterfly's origins and how your purchase helped to save our rainforests. Read About Our Butterflies to learn how your purchase HELPS SAVE RAINFOREST HABITAT!
Blue Morpho Butterfly: See-Thru Frame Rainbow Butterfly: See-Thru Frame
Giant Blue Swallowtail: See-Thru Frame 3 Butterfly Vertical Display
Giant Green Swallowtail: See-Thru Frame Assorted Single Butterfly Display
The Famous Monarch Butterfly: See-Thru Frame Giant Atlas Moth
Tiger Swallowtail: See-Thru Frame Small Blue Morpho - Round Frame
Orange Bar Butterfly: See-Thru Frame Bowtie Butterfly Flight: Oak Frame
The Malachite Butterfly 4 Butterfly Flight: Oak Frame

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