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Monarch Butterfly Website is an affiliate representative for each type of butterfly, insect and nature product you see listed here. We've spent hundreds of hours, searching the Internet for you. We've found the best vendors, with the best customer service, and compiled them for you here. We are confident you'll be pleased with any item you purchase from our affiliate websites.

Butterfly Houses Section  
Lovely Butterfly Houses for your garden! Slots in the Butterfly Houses keep birds out while giving butterflies protection from the wind and weather. Place the butterfly house in your garden, and when it gets cool at night the butterflies seek shelter and may use your house. By having a nectar source close by (flowers and/or our butterfly feeder) butterflies are more likely to visit your butterfly house. Each hanging Butterfly House is individually hand-painted and has a door for cleaning and for placing long twigs inside to give butterflies a nice resting spot. Have fun and take delight in watching your beautiful new neighbors enjoy their home.
Natural Butterfly House with Sunflowers Butterfly Feeder & Nectar Set
Green Butterfly House with Roses Butterfly Garden Seeds
Natural Butterfly Houses with Roses & Daisies Purple Butterfly Houses with Daisies
Blue Butterfly House with Roses Green Butterfly House
Lavender Roof Butterfly House Green Butterfly House with Daisies
Whimsical Butterfly House: Yellow Shingle Roof Butterfly House
Whmsical Butterfly House: White Round Butterfly House
Whimsical Butterfly House: Lilac Blue Weathervane Butterfly House
Dragonfly Gifts Section  
We carry everything dragonfly- dragonfly shirts, REAL dragonfly art like pictures and prints, dragonfly jewelry, wind chimes and more! Be sure to check out our popular dragonfly lantern too. Our moving dragonflies are unusual and fun gifts for dragonfly lovers. You won't find our Real Framed Dragonfly Art anywhere else.
Green Dragonfly Real Dragonfly Art Work
Dragonfly Windwheel Blue Dragonfly
Dragonfly Print #2 Solar Powered Dragonfly Light
Huge Butterfly & Dragonfly Thermometer Dragonfly Guide Book
Dragonfly with Water Reflection on 8x10 Canvas Dragonfly on Stick on 8x10 Canvas
Flower & Butterfly Pictures Section  
An excellent gift for anyone who loves flowers or butterflies or both! Our photographs of butterflies on flowers are mounted using an Artic White outer mat with Raven Black inner mat. They are signed by artist Barbara Bosco in silver metallic pen. We offer 2 sizes: a 3x5 print matted to fit a standard 5x7 frame, and a 5x7 print matted to fit an 8x10 frame. Each picture is labeled on the back with the butterfly species name and enclosed in a re-sealable polybag.
Framed Ceramic Tile: Butterfly Collection Monarch Butterfly on 8x10 Canvas
Framed Ceramic Tile: Blue Butterflies Blue Morpho on 8x10 Canvas 
Framed Ceramic Tile: Forest Butterflies Tiger Swallowtail Folded Wings on 8x10 Canvas
Framed Ceramic Tile: Whimsical Butterflies Tiger Swallowtail Open Wings on 8x10 Canvas
C. Cethosia Butterfly & Flower Picture Heliconidae melpomene Butterfly & Flower Picture
Unique Gift Ideas Section 
Our real dragonfly display is a unique gift idea for nature lovers! Other unique gift ideas include our real butterfly wing pendant available in 2 sizes. And what could possibly be more unique than our beautiful butterfly art created with REAL butterflies? Our moving butterfly figurines are THE most unique gift idea we have seen! Our decorative wall clocks are popular nature gifts too - the singing bird clock will bring beautiful sounds of nature into your home, and the colorful butterfly clock adds beauty to any room.
Moving Butterfly Figurine: Monarch Unique Singing Bird Clock
Moving Butterfly Figurine: Blue Morpho Butterfly Wall Clock
Suncatcher - Brilliant Butterfly 6 Butterfly Pins
Real Dragonfly Art Work Real Butterfly Wing Pendant
Heart Shaped Butterfly Box Real Butterfly Wing Pendant - Round
Carved Bamboo Butterfly Chime Monarch Butterfly "Twirley"
Solar Powered Dragonfly Light Oval Shaped Dragonfly Box
Solar Powered Butterfly Light SeaShell Wood Chime
Crystal Butterfly Pendant 10 Butterfly Magnets
6 Glitter Beetle Magnets Suncatcher - 2 Butterfly Flight
Dragonfly Windwheel Butterfly Kite
Giant Dragonfly Kite
Worm Farming Kits
Worm Farms let kids of all ages enjoy observing worms as they go about their amazing daily business. A great opportunity to learn more about a worm's importance in our ecosystem. A worm's burrowing action and feeding habits (worm composting) enriches the soil and helps plants to grow healthy and strong! Our Worm Farm allows you to see right into the wonderful World of Worms, a world that is usually hidden in the secret depths of the undergrowth, making learning fun! Then check out our Cool Crabs - watch your LIVE pet Hermit Crabs play on a sandy beach all day! Our hermit crab kit is wonderful way to teach children the responsibilities and fun of owning a pet. Have fun learning about hermit crabs as you create their habitat and take care of them.
Worm Farm Kits Worm Life Cycle Figurines
20 Redworms Refill

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