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A Monarch Butterfly Release for Your Event

When planning the perfect event, you’ll certainly want to make it memorable. What can be more special than releasing live Monarch butterflies as part of the occasion? Not only will your guests be in awe and remember your event, you’ll always have the fond memory of that special moment. The display is elegant and absolutely beautiful, and what a photo opportunity!

Butterfly releases are great for almost any special occasion. Releasing butterflies during a wedding can have a special significance for some couples. Some say it signifies that their love is as beautiful as the butterflies themselves. Others say that it means that their love will soar like butterflies soar. Some release one butterfly for each vow that they take. Either way, the releasing of the butterflies creates a special bond between the new happy couple and their friends and family.

Memorial service butterfly release is a heart-warming way to honor the departed soul. Birthday parties are a wonderful time to release butterflies, especially for a special birthday like a Sweet 16 or a 21st birthday. Milestone anniversaries are another time for a beautiful butterfly release, like the 25th or the 50th wedding anniversary. Grand openings for new businesses and 100 year celebrations are other times that can be made even more perfect by a live Monarch butterfly release.

There are a few ways that butterflies can be released during the event. Your butterflies can come individually to be released one at a time, or they can come boxed by the dozens so that you can release them all at once.

When planning for a live butterfly release for your special occasion, be sure to plan for the environmental conditions during the time of the release. Monarch butterflies need the temperature to be above 55F and it should be sunny outside for the best effect, although butterflies can fly in light rain, too.

It also must still be at least a little bit light outside. Monarch butterflies will not fly at night. Sometimes they will fly up until about 20 minutes after the sun sets, but for the best results you will want to plan your live Monarch butterfly release during daylight hours.

If you do decide on a live Monarch butterfly release for your special occasion, be sure to read all of the instructions that come with your live butterflies. You will want to learn how to care for your butterflies properly and how to release them properly. You should also know that live Monarch butterfly releases are not allowed in the state of Arizona, but all other states in the United States allow them.

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